Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Work in Progress

Hello again, it's me. In the middle of a hectic pre-final week at college, working madly on our main project - a performance/installation piece based on the fairy tales 'Bluebeard' and 'Rapunzel'. As our class has been divided into groups to produce different productions based on either of the above, or indeed 'The Red Shoes' and/or 'Hansel & Gretel', we've all been busy keeping our plans top secret from one another, ready to reveal this friday! So I can't say too much till this weekend, but here are a few 'work in progress' photos of Laura and I cleaning and building a set of screens out of these old 1930's doors we pilfered from a house that was being gutted a few streets down from college. We needed 9 in total, including an exceptionally heavy front door. After luring two of our weedy friends to help (Alice & Gemma to be precise), we got about 5 minutes down the road before needing to stop and pant outside somebody's front door. A series of squabbles proceeded, reaching such a noise-level as to call two nice folks out of the in house in front of which we were parked, and they politely queried us of our troubles. After we explained that we could not decide whether to drop off the current doors and go back for more, or bring the ones we had straight to college and then give up (G & A's idea of course), they promptly offered to drive us in their big red van along with all 9 of our precious doors. Now that really is what I call neighbourly kindness! Laura left them a card and a bunch of daffodils on that eventful doorstep, and we've happily converted our finds into a series of backdrops for our performance.

Will post the photos of the show on friday! Wish us luck...

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