Friday, 6 February 2009

Abandoned Russia

Deep deep in the forests of Russia lie undisturbed remnants of another age and the very stuff of fairytales. Untouched and crumbling, these structures are returning to nature - the very force that has protected them for so long. What I like about these buildings is that they belong to no one and anyone who happens to stumble across them, much like the bombed-out houses we used to play with in Italy. Yet only in a country with a wilderness so intact such as Russia could a wonder like this be unaccounted for. The very last of Britain's forests were officially surveyed in time for the second world war, leaving us without any mysterious shadowy unknown landscapes to conceal such secrets as these...

With the collapse of the USSR this railway station in Abkhazia was rendered useless, leaving Soviet ruins to the luscious vegetation of the region. In other photographs, you can see a turquoise sea shimmering on the horizon.

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