Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sleeping Beauties

I've decided that my little guest bedroom is crying out for some attention. It has finally been graced with a fully-functioning-if-squashed-in mattress sleigh bed and i've gotten some hotch potch floors sanded in there, all of which is highlighting the horrendous 'tarrow root' shade of the walls as unforgivable. So, where to start? Right here of course! Ha!

I love this disheveled little Indian-inspired day bed. Especially the photograph positioned on top of the wall hanging - another nifty way of making a cosy nook.

This bedspread is by Emery & Cie, and they currently have some spellbinding wallpapers and textiles. I don't know if i'll be able to exercise my resisting powers...

This is a little grander, and a lot French-er. Lord only knows i'd do it if i was blessed with parquet flooring, but i'm not, so perhaps i'll stick to the rank of my room and go for muslin rather than full-on glorious silk satin. 

Sighhh... bed genius. What child/adolescent/adult would NOT absolutely LEAP into that warm haven? My only concern is I might have to sleep diagonally, but worth it for the carved panelling and curved ceiling...

A bedroom from the fabulous Mildred's Lane. 

 A more laid back and shabby french take on the above - love the fabric type.

This gypsy-like glory reminds me of something I would have created if I'd been allowed to run riot in the house, picking out choice fabrics from the cupboard and only the best chairs from the kitchen! 

According to the National Sleep Research Project, the pre-electric eras got an average of 10 hours of good sleep a night, with adaptation to the seasons - much like our fellow cousins the chimpanzee. It's now considered good going to get 8 hours. As for those between 18 -25, we're far more affected by sleep deprivation, and the internet is considered one of the worst influences... gosh, it's getting late... off to Bedfordshire... Zzzzzzz zzz zzzzzz...

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