Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm Sorry Matthew

In anticipation of a deliciously new episode of Brothers & Sisters, Gabriel and I chose to gather some fitting edibles from the shop around the corner. However, our corner shop is a little beyond the self-consciously in-vogue Electric House - an exclusive beehive buzzing with thin hot things, each hyper-aware of their contribution to the fashionable epicenter of the capital. Striding along past the line of mingling smokers, we lock eyes with none other than the incredibly suave and well put-together Matthew Williamson. I feel Gabriel squeeze my shoulder, and it's then that it dawns on me - I am excruciatingly underdressed in the most disproportionate outfit I have ever worn in public, which is bad enough, except now he's gazing at us rather too much longer than is normally considered polite! By the time we reach the safe harbour of Buy Best, we're cackling uproariously as we take stock of my (borrowed) black Crocs, an enormous (borrowed) knitted poncho, with a (borrowed) scarf slung not only around my neck but also around that of Gabriel's. And for those of you who aren't aware of what we look like, I am rather tall and Gabriel is considerably shorter. All in all, an odd duo.

Just to show you all why I am convinced I will not be the inspiration for Williamson's latest collection, here is a small taster from his Spring and Summer 2009 offerings. Yum.

Unfortunately, these photos do not show just how gorgeously saturated his colours are, but especially this fuschia and scarlet ensemble is glorious in full technicolor. See at

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